It was also sufficient to propel Splatoon from mmoexp FUT 23
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EA Sports has opened the curtain. For FUT 23 Coins soccer fans, there is only one thing better than the rule-related changes that occur in one year to the next: the changes of FIFA every month. The company has released the first update for FIFA 23 which includes significant additions to referees' functions, penalties and dribbling. The game's first patch is available now and contains four modifications:

The purpose of these changes makes penalties harder to enforce to punish or raise the hand through certain actions , and also allow for a more proliferation of dribbling and filigree. The expectation is that the patch will be followed later this month by another update which modifies the controversial long sprint style that gives so much advantage due to the FIFA 23 meta game.

FIFA 23 is out in the world so players across the globe are preparing for their Career Modes, and are wondering which Hidden Gems you can find within the game.

The first step is to need to distinguish the two types of children: Hidden Gems and Wonderkids.

The former are able to have a lower Current Rating, with some of whom will be in their 60s - and they are also a lot less than the wonderkids like Pedri, Kylian Mbappe, and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

In essence, these are players you won't be averse to after they're discovered but they have the potential to become superstars.You'd think that the majority of them to cost less than PS10m and should you manage an Premier League club, keep the tab open whenever you're out scouting!

FIFA 23 came out at the top of the UK physical chart, surpassing FIFA 22 launch sales.Sales for this year's game are up by 1,6% compared to 2021, it may seem as a minor increase, but is significant as it follows two years of a significant drop in the retail market for this particular FIFA franchise. In fact, the series was in steady decline prior to this.

Sony's consoles controlled FIFA 23's sales and 41% of the copies transferred going to PS5 which is the current largest console for retail sales of the series and 30% being transferred to PS4.

The Xbox One represented 17% of the overall sales, followed closely by Nintendo's Switch and the Xbox Series, both at 6.6%. Launch numbers for FIFA 23 on Switch were 20percent more when compared to FIFA 22.

FIFA 23's superb performance naturally had an impact on it's UK boxed market as a whole with its revenue up 420 percent week-on week.

It was also sufficient to propel Splatoon 3 from the top spot where it was for the past three weeks. Nintendo's game chart ranked No.2 with an edging of 14% in sales week-to-week.

Additionally, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga had a huge sales spike last week that grew 252%, rising from tenth to third spot. This increase was most notable on PS5 with 63% of the FIFA 23 Coins buy  copies shifted were sold.