I was from the Animal Crossing community on Twitter

I Was From The Animal Crossing Community On Twitter

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While it's certainly clear Animal Crossing Items tries to steer clear of politics, it is impossible to be completely apolitical. That which we call political or not is, political! If we are not closely involved with an issue, we've got the privilege to decide whether it matters. So is using black hairstyles in a match somehow a problem? Well, one way or another, there's not a simple answer.This isn't an issue of bringing politics into video games. This is an issue of individuals taking a nugget of a reasonable argument and taking it at a horrible direction.Exactly, sadly the nuance here (as you said black players petitioning nintendo to realize that hey, maybe black men and women wish to seem like themselves in AC, too!) . .It's kinda regarding cause I'm white (ok I'm half Brazilian but I definitely look white) and that I have very frizzy hair(not sure if it's the correct term, English is not my first language) and I just know that if I ever posted real picture of me after two day of ski I would get some shit.I frankly dont care if people wear the cartoon hairstyle that they desire. Technically my personality is wearing exactly what they intended to become an afro for black women, but it is also the closest hairstyle for my curled, poofy, full of tangles consistently hair. People today behave like every white man hairstyle is included, I literally cant find anything close to the braids I usually wear in match. I know why people can get up in arms, but jeez if she would like to wear space buns and those would be the nearest cartoon sprite then SHE'S NOT TRYING TO WEAR AFRO BUNS.I was from the Animal Crossing community on Twitter this summer, and that I needed to leave it as it became the most poisonous place I had ever seen. It was a clusterfuck of individuals hoping to cancel each other always, entirely wild.animal crossing - you CANNOT right a civilization in animal crossing. It is impossible. There's not any hairstyle/skin color combinations that may even begin to boundary cultural appropriation inside the totally innocent sport. Anybody who believes otherwise is just wrong, and any subsequent points brought up Cheap Nook Miles Ticket which proceed against that argument could immediately be ignored, as they are incorrect.