It has been a harder getting food this season despite lots of prey

It Has Been A Harder Getting Food This Season Despite Lots Of Prey

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Idea number OSRS gold deux must do with animals. There would be 2 sides: predators and prey. Each side needs. Something in the other, and which side are you on? It is that time of years again, you will need food to fatten up, (for the winter which never comes) and store away for later. However, it seems there are more predators relating to this year, and not only have they injured the majority of the creatures that have tried to gather food from the plentiful valley they occupy, but they appear to be on to all the tricks you've been utilizing. However, if every one of the animals banned collectively, some rushing to get the meals, becoming if they could, distracting the animals if not, other scaling in the undergrowth to find food, if the snakes don't find them! , and ducks to swim (watch for those pesky crocodiles! ) ) , and other animals to counter the preys somewhat, like unicorns to hinder birds, bears to distract snakes, etc., then all the animals might get a better chance! It has been a harder getting food this season despite lots of prey. There are more of you personally, and the critters have been concealing more than they used to. However, you have learned some of their tricks, and believe your ready for anything!Except, it seems they're coming in great numbers! Stealing the bears' berries, the snake's fruit, and them being as tasty treat. So, you choose to stop them, and maybe get a snack or 2 along the way. However, every one of you must use their own skills to help together, or if all of the meals identification gone, finding prey will be tough again. :-RRB- Alright, on buy RuneScape gold the prey side, I am Reeeally receptive to suggestions, but feel this is clarified okay, and want to listen to anything. (again, thoughts welcome)