The Apprentice hands you a Runite Spade and a Tracking Stone

The Apprentice Hands You A Runite Spade And A Tracking Stone

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  If the purchaser RS gold obtained 49 friends to war with him, they would lose out on 5k, probably not stick to the buyers commands, or be enough to the multiple wars needed to get him that the cash with no gain for themselves. Ok. You can just stake war with a clan/clans 3 times every day. This means, AT THE MAX MONEY EARNED, it would take a minimum of two days to make two Million to a purchaser. It might take 99 individuals, and multiple accounts with over 20k on these. And if jagex wants, large wars could be listed. I'll add a support list if this catches on. However, one day in a concealed location underneath the Wizard's Tower, an evil sorceror is created the perfect armor for his minions. It's nothing like the other one this time. I want one to bring back my old master and also help him perfect this. The Apprentice shows you a few evil-looking armor. This resembles ordinary Black armor with a few evil essence about it. It is? Oh. Well, this is much better than Black armor. It is Dark Armor. Don't copy me! My master's place is underneath Falador Castle. Here's a monitoring stone and a special digging device. The Apprentice hands you a Runite Spade and a Tracking Stone. Do not lose any of these or I am going to have to fine you. And you can't teleport or engage in combat with thoe items in your inventory. You may if you set them in your bank. Great! Thanks! In order to discover the Master, visit Falador and go underneath the staircase and dig with your Runite Spade. When successful, you'll get this message. You enter. The passageway is very long and confusing. To make it simpler, use the Tracking Stone and find Notes scribbled on the wall. As soon as you find him, speak to him. Do not hurt me! I am innocent! I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here regarding your apprentice. Ahh, I see. I'm assuming he wants the Black Forest to be completed. Well, I can not get out of this buy OSRS gold because the White Knights are up there.