They ought to because no one's favorite character was ROB

They Ought To Because No One's Favorite Character Was ROB

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They ought Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket to because no one's favorite character was ROB or Ice Climbers. Those are games and toys that would fade to obscurity if it weren't for Smash. Mega Man is essentially a Nintendo personality for how linked the show is to Nintendo, as is Simon. These are iconic personalities you think of when you consider Nintendo. Ridley could've been added at any stage they wanted, his moves and design are not that complex. Spirits whatsoever should be a fantastic example of this mindset against the devs - a number of these spirits don't have another representation in the sport, but the game still warrants inclusion for SakuraiSurethey are not as well known or legendary, but I think an argument could be made that ROB being in the match is a good thing, because how else could that mad idea of this toy peripheral be recalled?I am not even certain if I feel this is a fantastic thing or not, but I really do like that ROB and Duck Hunt have been in the game because I enjoy Smash for picking the unconventional path. Whether it's a good thing, it's clear over and over again which Sakurai's direction is focused on gambling history and interesting fighters, so it is futile clamoring for this game to recognize celebrity qualityDude, I don't know how to tell you this, but being a"favorite character" was NEVER a necessity for getting into Smash Bros.. Ever. Iconography and fame are not some kind of sacred thing to hold up. The single thing Sakurai has ever said about the subject is the figures he places in need to be out of a video game (obviously) and be able to have a realized moveset in Smash. That's it. And judging from all the years of"Ridley too big" and his position as a boss-monster in Smash, I envision Sakurai himself had difficulty imagining Ridley smash-ified, that is why his addition required so long. Uh no, it's not though. The shape, proportions and structure of Ridley's model in smash are not at all like antique furniture animal crossing new horizons how he is in the first Metroid. He is much closer to his future incarnations, just scaled down.