Who would have believed we would get the stock

Who Would Have Believed We Would Get The Stock

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OPEN'm having Animal Crossing New Horizons Items a massive giveaway as my storage has reached the max capability, Ill be refilling everything once its gone until im pleased with the sum gone in my storage. Please Dm me to the Dodo together with your IGN and please bare with me, ill be available for quite a while so hopefully I get to everyone! Please no exploring as I would like to eliminate everything as soon as possible and give everyone a chance to get something. Take just 15 items max per individualI am so fucking proud of you apes. And how they're going to try and break our subreddit during the weekend.Who'd have believed we would shut Friday with a less than 1/4 of last week? (for us monke, this means everyone is ???? ) .Who would have believed we would get the stock over 320$ when they manipulated by colluding, restricting our buying power unnaturally and laddering the cost down to 170$ the day before? , they shed. They shed BIG, so large their wife's boyfriends have kicked them out and marketed their lambos. A 70 BILLION loss.Today, this is how they try and bend us over the weekend.They have already lost, what do they've left? To minimize losses. We all know animal crossing items new horizons all of the shit they tried already, so what's going to happen today? They are doubling down dilluting this particular community.