You should be in a position to fight unique monsters

You Should Be In A Position To Fight Unique Monsters

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HOW TO OSRS gold IMPROVE: If this is a Champions Guild, why is their almost nothing here? When you think of a Champion what do you think of? A strong and skilled individual. When you consider a Champions Guild, would you believe about some hens and salesman? No you don't, you think of combat. You should be in a position to fight unique monsters on a different floor for some Combat Experience. People whom I know, and I'm sure many others, go here maybe once just to see it and buy a armor. Then they will never come back again. That's not what a Guild is supposed to be around. CHAMPIONS GUILD=2/5 (WHAT A JOKE! Another Suggestion by The Patanator. By talking to the Champion Guild Leader, he will tell you that there was another champions guild from the desert South of the Duel Arena. However, this older guild was simply not visited as much because of the heat of the desert. Now, the guild is over run by creatures and other beasties. However, there are still some CHALLENGE SCROLLS the Guild Master hadn't handed out that have been left in the loft. The Guild Master will provide you a Tower Ticket to provide into the guards blocking off the area. After a brief conversation, they will allow you to in. Read the sign on the left of this door before entering. The Signal essentially warns you to not enter the tower. Following that, you will see a difficulty level (Easy, Medium, and Difficult ) The goal will be to fight your way through the flooring without dying and reaching buy RuneScape gold the bundle at the loft. I'll talk winner tokens later.